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Vision Philosophy

The Mission of Jindal School of Banking & finance (JSBF ) reflecting our Vision and Values, is to help prepare our students in meeting the global public service , global business , socio economic and leadership challenges of tomorrow- particularly as they relate to the international financial sector : How to make competing limited finance resource allocation decisions in the right way, in the right time , in the right place , to reach the desired results .

1. Expose students to rigorous , demanding, relevant , up-to-date practically oriented curriculum to make them Job ready

2. Active Institutional Collaboration -- Provide students with opportunity to work in the Banking & Finance Industry- India & Abroad

3. Interact closely with expert faculty having advanced degrees from leading Indian & International Universities combined with Hands-on experience in Banking , Finance, Accounting & International Corporate transactions

4. Teach students the 7 P of true Professional- Positive / Prepared / Persistent / Patient / Precise / Polite / Punctual

5. To enable JGBF to host joint conferences and seminars on Banking , finance and related areas of mutual interest

6. To enable senior members of the bank deliver seminar/lectures and / or teach short courses on Banking & finance Sector